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A cloud architect is important because they will be the ones to oversee the overall direction and roadmap for your enterprise's architectural approach to cloud services utilization. 

A good cloud architect will help you determine how to scale up or scale down and maximize utilization of business's cloud resources.




  • Acts as the subject matter expert for cloud services

  • Responsible for cloud services short-term and long-term technical strategy & planning development for private, public, and hybrid cloud services, including IaaS, PaaS and FaaS

  • Create and maintain architectural artifacts and roadmaps to lead the delivery of successful cloud implementations

  • Analyze proposed changes to identify architecture strategies for meeting business objectives and impacts, including costs and effort required to implement

  • Work with Cloud Service Brokers to identify and solve the strategic approach to using cloud services.

  • Advise stakeholders on leading cloud practices and architectural approaches

  • Provide cloud architecture governance and oversight on new and evolving patterns

  • Liaise across your I.T. team to influence, advise on, and harvest cloud practices

  • Develop guidelines and guardrails to enable teams to be more self-sufficient

  • Design and develop with consideration for non-functional requirements (scalability, reliability, availability, observability, fault tolerance, security, and maintainability)

  • Form and maintain a trusted relationship with senior leaders in technical and non-technical spaces, driving alignment between product and technical roadmaps


  • Extensive hands-on experience with cloud platforms (Azure and AWS)

  • Exposure to multiple, diverse technologies, platforms, and processing environments

  • Experience developing architectural diagrams, strategies, and roadmaps

  • Domain expertise in compute & storage, networking, data center cloud services

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