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IT helpdesk is the key to any enterprise's success in providing quality service to its customers. The helpdesk is the main hub for communication between technical support and the customer.

A good IT helpdesk staff will help you increase customer satisfaction through timely and accurate information leading to faster resolution of problems; ultimately resulting in customer retention.

I.T. Helpdesk: About



  • Organize resources so they are easy to locate

  • Resolve customer issues with company products

  • Answer other customer questions and offer them access to helpful resources

  • Direct questions to the right department when needed

  • Ensure customer satisfaction

  • Manage all desk administrative duties

  • Maintain accurate records of interactions with customers and recurring user problems 

  • Follow up with customers as needed to ensure any problems are resolved


  • Strong written and verbal communication skills 

  • Problem-solving and research skills that translate to the ability to find solutions for customer problems when a solution is not immediately apparent

  • Interpersonal skills that function to create connections and positive experiences for customers

  • Technological skills specific to the company’s products and trouble-shooting practices

  • Patience with customers and ability to remain calm

  • Project management skills and familiarity with project management software

  • Organizational abilities

I.T. Helpdesk: CV

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