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Programmer is important because they are the ones who will write code for computer programs and mobile applications.

A good programmer will help you write code, debug, and troubleshoot systems and software and ensure everything is functioning well.

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  • Corrects errors by making appropriate changes and ensures that the desired results are produced

  • Conducts trial runs of programs and software applications to be sure they will produce the desired information and that the instructions are correct

  • Writes, updates, and maintains computer programs or software packages to handle specific jobs, such as storing or retrieving data and controlling other equipment.

  • Writes, analyzes, reviews, and rewrites programs using workflow charts and diagrams.

  • Performs or directs revision, repair, or expansion of existing programs to increase operating efficiency

  • Consults with managerial, engineering, and technical personnel to clarify program intent, identify problems, and suggest changes

  • Compiles and writes documentation of program development and subsequent revisions, inserting comments in the coded instructions so others can understand the program

  • Investigates whether networks, workstations, the central processing unit of the system, or peripheral equipment are responding to a program's instructions


  • Programming

  • Complex problem solving

  • Quality control analysis

  • Operations analysis

  • Systems evaluation

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